I help realize u fantasy
Hi, this is Joy with C cup, sexy, lovely and open-minded. I do not wanna use similar words to express how I can help realize your fantasies but just use my first time experience of blow job to demonstrate how I enjoy my work and how I can serve you well to help realize your dream! Book me tonight and I guarantee you will not have regret.
"Nervous but eager to try. I leaned my head forward, and with the tip of my tongue scooped up some cream. I carried on like this for a couple more licks, then I took the whole thing in my mouth. It was quite big relative to my mouth and I could not breathe very well. But because I instinctively wanted to lick it and licking prevented drooling. So I experimented with techniques, doing quick, little laps and hard flicks with my tongue, the warmth of the fire on my skin. Then I interspersed some longer reaches up the underside of his thing, and rolled my tongue over it, then quick flicks right across the tip. It was lots of fun, and I knew I was doing it right because he sighed happily. I tried shooting my tongue out just below my top teeth, then tried to take more of it in my mouth. Then unable to resist the urge any longer" See you, man.
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Age 24
Location Beijing
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I help realize u fantasy
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